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Academic and Financial Planning and Analysis


Quality Assurance and Audit

Quality Assurance Validation (QAV)

The implementation of the TRAC/fEC initiative is monitored through a quality assurance process managed by Research Councils UK. This process was revised in 2007 to accommodate processes surrounding the calculation of fEC rates, and the application of rates in research applications to provide assurance to sponsors that the TRAC guidelines have been implemented correctly.

The process was in two parts:

  • submission of a detailed questionnaire to Research Councils UK in January 2008
  • a three day audit inspection during 2008. The University’s visit took place in July 2008.

The University was found to be at the highest level of compliance - ‘in compliance and applying good practice'.

Research Council Funding Assurance Programme

The Research Councils will continue to audit the administration of awarded grants through the Research Operations Office and Department/Faculties.

Internal Audit

The TRAC/fEC processes implemented by the University have also been also subject to audit reviews by the University’s Internal Auditors.