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Academic and Financial Planning and Analysis


The Income Incentivisation Model (IIM) is a new approach to University resource allocation which will come into effect from Planning Round 2018 to inform School allocations from 2019-20. Schools will initially receive 25% of any additional income generated across the following Chest income streams:

i. Chest Postgraduate Fees (excluding PGCE students)

ii. Chest Overhead Recovery on Research Grants and Contracts (RG&C)

iii. Research Development Programme (RDP) funding

The 2019-20 School Allocations are to be calculated as follows:


The baseline starting point for the IIM will be the School Allocations as approved in PR17 for 2018-19.


The annual adjustment as agreed by PRC (agreed around June 2018) will be applied to this baseline


The overall increase across the agreed income streams to be applied at 25%   

-       in the first year of the Model this would be based on the average of years 2015/16 & 2016/17 Actuals compared to 2017/18 Actuals  – to produce ‘year-on-year’ income adjustment figures to be added to School Allocations


Income generated through the agreed income streams will be adjusted for any Bids already approved


A protection mechanism will be applied - to protect Schools from overall reductions in income across the income streams by ensuring that they would never receive less than their baseline allocation (as adjusted annually by PRC). All year on year changes in the income streams will continue to roll forward in the Model; with reductions off-set against future gains across the agreed income streams.