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Academic and Financial Planning and Analysis

The Old Schools
Trinity Lane

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If calling from outside the University, please dial 01223 (x)xxxxx

Rachel Coupe Head of Academic and Financial Planning and Analysis (7)61430
Christine Collis Secretary (3)39885
Nick Tamkin Interim Head of Academic Planning (3)39665
Ekaterina Samoylova Interim Head of Planning & Statistics - Business Information (7)32250

Strategic Planning and Change

Ellen Friel Administrative Officer (7)64224
Alan Kippax Strategic Projects Manager (7)66253
Glenn Richer Strategic Financial Planning Manager (7)66630
Holly Sheahan Strategic Projects Facilitator (3)64235
Daniel White Administrative Officer (3)32264

Strategic Resource & Cost Allocation

Faisal Moolla Administrative Officer (7)65635

Business Information Team

Arianne Abouzar Senior Information Analyst  
Constanza Arias-Aldana Senior Information Analyst (3)36150
Laura Hall Management Information Analyst

Andrew Kindred-Langdon Management Information Analyst (7)60178
Richard Lamont Assistant Treasurer (Management Accountant) (7)65873
Helen Read Senior Information Analyst

Inga Skeberdyte Data Analyst (7)64339
Dishani Weththsinghe Data Analyst