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Academic and Financial Planning and Analysis


The Capital Fund is allocated funds of at least £33M annually (inflated), used broadly as £25M for buildings and £8M for equipment.

The Capital Fund (buildings) is used principally to support the University's Capital Plan. Provision is also made to support large minor works projects, meeting a funding gap left when HEFCE CIF funding was absorbed into the Capital Fund.

Of the £8M p.a. earmarked for equipment in the Capital Fund, £5M is managed by Schools (initially for a three year period ending in 2016/17), with £3M held centrally. Bids for central funding for major pieces of equipment should be supported by a business case and submitted to the Assistant Secretary (Capital) of the Resource Management Committee (Nick Tamkin: Bids must meet a minimum threshold. For the science Schools the threshold is a contribution from the School of at least £500k towards the cost of the equipment. For non-School institutions and the Schools of Arts & Humanities and the Humanities & Social Sciences, the threshold is £100k and this is based on cost. The supporting business case should also include details of the contribution being provided from the School or non-School institution.